Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor), Sonoma, California by Christine Hansen Tree Swallow Building



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A Diversity of Biologists

Members of Golondrinas de las Americas are dedicated to studying swallows in the Tachycineta genus, their behavior, prey, breeding biology and much more. We incorporate a diversity of biologists in this collective, including, but not limited to, ornithologists, entomologists, physiologists and educators.

Core members of the collective are committed to maintaining a research site for at least 10 years, and contribute to the core database maintained at Cornell University by gathering a nominal quantity of data in a standardized way on non-experimental nests. At some sites we also include a set of detailed standardized observations and experiments conducted at a sub-set of nests.

We know of no other opportunity to test hypotheses and make standardized observations in this way across the entire Western Hemisphere. For most members, the opportunity to take an active part in the design and execution of such experiments, to be conducted at numerous sites in the collective, is likely the greatest attractant to membership.

If you wish to participate in or help us with Golondrinas de las Americas, please contact Lori Sonken or David Winkler. To see a list of current members, click here.