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Hill Bank




Efrain Gomez, Site Coordinator





17.02º N, 88.58º W




Established in 2001, the Golondrinas site at Hill Bank is located at the research and eco-tourism facility run by the Programme for Belize in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area approximately 50 km from Belize City. The area supports 390 bird species, including the Mangrove Swallow (Tachycineta albilinea) that we are studying.

Within the Golondrinas network, Hill Bank is our longest ongoing study site in Latin America. In early 2000 we erected 50 nest boses in the lagoon and grounds of the Hill Bank Research Station. In 2001, we installed an additional 78 nest boxes in the lagoon and another 22 along the shore. We anticipate that a U.S. and Belizean crew will once again be stationed at Hill Bank from February - July 2012.

A mosaic of dry tropical forest and pine-oak savannah, the habitat is home to 200 tree species, 70 mammal species and 39 species of conservation concern, including the ocelot, jaguar, howler and spider monkeys. Once inhabitated by the ancient Maya, the area was previously logged for mahogany but is now managed to conserve the country's biological diversity and promote the sustainable development.

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Tachycineta albilinea

The Mangrove Swallow



Photo by Becky Windsor






Photo by Becky Windsor




mangrove swallow

Photo by Becky Windsor