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Chiloé Island



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Rodrigo Vasquez

Site Coordinator


Our site is located at the Senda Darwin Research Station about 10 km north of Ancud on the northern coast of Chiloé Island in Chile. In 2011, we sent our first team to Chiloé Island to study the breeding biology and behavior of the Chilean swallow (Tachycineta meyeni). The 53-hectare property includes areas of temperate rainforest, mattoral and peat bog, along with patches of second-growth and riparian forests, shrublands and reclaimable pastureland.

In addition to the Chilean swallow, the island is home to other birds, including the blue-and-white swallow, Piden, Patagonian-Sierra finches, House Wren, Rayaditos, Tit-spinetails and Tit-tyrants. Mammals living on the island include pudus, monitos del monte, and several rodents.

Site Coordinator: Rodrigo A. Vasquez, Ph.D., Director del Programa de Doctorado en Ecologia y Biología Evolutiva, Instituto de Ecologia y Biodiversidad, University of Chile. Email:




Photo by Eric LoPresti

Chilean Swallow

Tachycineta meyeni




Photo by Eric LoPresti





Photo by Eric LoPresti