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Bosque de Pomac



Fernando Angulo Pratolongo

Site Coordinator



Photo by Eric LoPresti


Located in Peru's Lambayeque Province, our site rests within El Santuario Histórico Bosque de Pomac, a protected area with unique biological features. There are several endemic birds in the protected area, including the only known year-round population of Tachycineta stolzmanni. The sanctuary also contains archaeological ruins from the Sican culture dating from about AD 750 until 1375.

The climate is sunny and hot with temperatures ranging from 11.5-34.4ºC throughout the year. The average annual precipitation in this seasonally dry tropical forest is 107.8 mm usually in March and April; this is one of the most arid regions on earth.

In 2008, we erected 49 nest boxes on tree trunks from 1.5-2 meters above the ground. Our Peruvian and U.S. field crews first arrived in December 2010 and monitored nesting activity through May 2011. New teams, with the support of the Bosque de Pomac guardaparques, are working at the site during the 2011-2012 field season.

Site Coordinator: Fernando Angulo Pratolongo Email:



Photo by Eric LoPresti

Tachycineta stolzmanni

The Tumbes Swallow



Photo by Eric LoPresti


Photo by Eric LoPresti



Photo by Eric LoPresti