Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) by David Winkler
Tree Swallow by David Winkler



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Golondrinas Literature

To see a list of publications about swallows, including many articles written by our collaborators, click here.

Publishing & Authorship

Our collaborative is designed to stimulate idea exchange and to pave the way for new possibilities.

We encourage a fair environment for data ownership and authorship. In general, we follow these guidelines:

Data ownership

Data submitted to us is the property of the collective. It cannot be used by anyone outside the collective without the advance e-mail approval of all active members of the collective. All members of the collective will be encouraged to use the data from all sites, provided that all members whose data are used are offered full coauthorship in any papers that result. Final and/or published analyses of the data will be made available to the public via the Golondrinas web-site, and these can be used by anyone outside the collective provided that the prescribed acknowledgement is given. We anticipate that many members of Golondrinas will be doing experiments and collecting data that are not appropriate for the larger view provided by the collective. There will be no reason to send such data to the Golondrinas database, and they of course remain the sole property of the member.


All members who were responsible for data used in an analysis will be offered authorship on any published paper based on those data. In monitoring papers, the lead author(s) will be the individual(s) who take(s) the initiative in getting the data analyzed and the manuscript submitted for publication. For experimental papers, lead authors will be those who first suggested the idea (the Golondrinas-L email list is the most effective way to do so), and who took the lead in developing protocols and disseminating them to members and getting the results to press. After the lead authors, authors will be listed in descending order according to the amount of data they submitted to the dataset analyzed, with ties being resolved alphabetically. In the (we hope rare!) cases where there is a dispute over the order of authorship, David Winkler will adjudicate a resolution if the authors are unable to do so on their own. If he is forced to do so, he will notify all members of his reasons for arriving at his decision.