2-day-old Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) chick. When he found this chick on the ground under its nest, Noah Hamm snapped this picture before returning it to safety.



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Swallow Biology Field Research Interns (2+).

Become part of a network of field biologists working across the Western Hemisphere: the Golondrinas de las Americas network is seeking student interns to work at sites in Canada from early May to mid-July, 2009.

Field Responsibilities: Interns will be trained on-site by a field supervisor (a former intern or graduate student) and work with 1-2 local students. The primary responsibilities of the interns involve monitoring the breeding success of swallows in 100 nest boxes in accordance with a standardized protocol, which includes daily field work, clear record-keeping, and prompt data entry. Additional duties include maintaining and upgrading nest boxes and searching for swallow nests in natural cavities.

Research Responsibilities: There are options for university research credits for undergraduate interns. Interns can develop their own research proposal (a question of interest and proposed methods to answer it) and present this at a nearby university or field station and, upon return, at their home university. Interns will be encouraged to use their proposals to apply for research grants awarded within the Golondrinas network and/or to remain in the network in subsequent years as field supervisors.

Qualifications: Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in environmental biology (or a related field). Previous coursework in biology required. Prior field experience desirable, but not essential. The ability to work, live, and communicate well with others under rigorous and remote conditions is essential.

Compensation: travel, housing, and small stipend provided.

To apply: Send application materials via email to Caren Cooper. A complete application includes a cover letter, CV or resume, and names and contact information for two professional references.