Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) on boots in the (treeless) Yukon Delta, Alaska by Erin Eldermire



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Data Collection & Protocols


The Golondrinas Handbook - Version 1.8 (PDF)

A compendium of research techniques, data collection protocols, and guidelines for the timing of data collection at all Golondrinas sites, based on long-term studies of Tree Swallows in Ithaca. To see a good example of field notation, or to download as a template for use, click here.


Golondrinas Handbook Supplement - Spring 2008 (PDF)

Newly developed protocols to test hypotheses regarding geographic variation in clutch size at all possible Golondrinas sites.


Golondrinas Data Entry Software - Fall 2008 (ZIP), Windows only

After downloading and unzipping, this software can be copied to the main (c:) drive and then explored for newgolondrinas.exe (the actual data entry program). Be sure to look at the readme.txt file, and see directions for Database Use.


Database Design, Guidelines and Use and Minimum Data Requirements

A detailed description of the databases that are maintained at Cornell, and the minimum set of data that must be collected at every Golondrinas Site, every breeding season.


Nest Box Design

Construction plans and material suggestions for nestboxes used at Golondrinas sites.


Wigwag Trap for Adults

Design for construction of a simple nestbox trap used for capturing adult swallows.


Insect Sampler

Schematic design and description of the standard insect sampling unit to be used at as many Golondrinas study sites as possible.