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Golondrinas Database - Encounters

Only birds captured and banded enter this data set. All captures get a record, including nestlings banded in the nest, whether or not they subsequently die in the nest or disappear.

For a general explanation of default variable codes, click here.

Variable Name

Description, definitions, values and examples

Research site identifier (e.g. ‘hillbank’)
Box identifier - unique within each site

Permanent band number

Note: this field declared as type ‘text’ in order to be compatible with assigning dummy unique identifiers to chicks or unbanded adults for which link ability is necessary into other data sets

{siteID}+{boxID}+{4-digit year}+{attempt}+‘M’ (or ‘F’ for female breeders)

Date of banding or capture (mm/dd/yyyy)

Sex of captured bird

  • M= male (to be used only if designation is certain)
  • F= female (to be used only if designation is certain)
  • U= unknown

Age of captured bird

  • L= nestling
  • HY= hatch year
  • AHY= after hatch year
  • SY= second year
  • ASY= after second year
  • TY= third year

Color and metal bands on birds that are color-banded

The metal numbered band is symbolized by an ‘M’. The sequence of bands is read in the following way:
the color of the band on the bird’s left leg, then a dash used to indicate move to the other leg, then the color of the band on the bird’s right leg.


Type of trap used in capture

  • 0=mist net
  • 7=nest-box trap
  • 8=chick banding
  • 13=band lost
  • 14=band destroyed (used also for banded chicks that die in the nest)
  • 15=missing records

Note: any bands issued to collective members under Wink’s master permit must be coded in this data table, whether or not they ended up on a bird (e.g. lost and destroyed bands)


Status when banded

  • 1=banded and released (adults only)
  • 2=recapture (adults only)
  • 3=found dead (adults only)
  • 4=other (adults only - requires comment in ‘notes’ field)
  • 5=found dead in box (adults only)
  • 11=presumed fledged (chick)
  • 12=dead in nest (chick)
  • 13=preyed upon (chick)
  • 14=disappeared before fledging (chick) - reported as band destroyed under TRAPCODE
  • 15=found dead after fledging (chick)
  • 17=unknown (chick) - report as band destroyed
  • 18=some chicks known dead, some known fledged, but not which ones (chick) - reported as fledged
  • 19=status unknown but report as fledged (chick)
  • 91=band lost
  • 92=band destroyed
  • 93=missing records
Initials of field research person responsible for this capture and banding

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