Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) silhouette, Ithaca, New York by Mike Harvey



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18 July 2011: Updated Handbook Available

We're continuously working to update and improve the Golondrinas Handbook. You can see the latest version of it, updated today, on our Data Collection & Protocols page.


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23 January 2009: Golondrinas on Facebook

Golondrinas de las Americas now has a group on Facebook! So to all of you Facebook users out there, look us up and feel free to join. If you're an intern, a site coordinator, or just somebody who has heard about us and wants to learn more, you're invited to become a part of the group. Everybody is welcome.

6 November 2008: David Winkler, The Swallow Farmer

You might be interested in seeing the newest on-line edition of Living Bird, a beautiful publication from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The article lays out Wink's obsession with Tree Swallows, and how that grew into the wide-reaching Golondrinas de las Americas. So if you were ever wondering how in the heck this all started, click here and read the full article. Also see Maria Stager, our veteran intern currently working in Santa Fe, Argentina, who is pictured in this artle peeking into a nestbox with two of her coworkers (top right picture in the photo gallery).

17 October 2008: Hablamos Español

For all of you who are sick of practicing your English on our site, we now have an español version up! Click on the active Español link on the sidebar and you will see a mirrored site in Spanish. Thanks to Valentina Ferretti for all of her Spanish guidance. Without her, many of you would be wondering why we were referring to the clutch in a car, as opposed to a clutch of eggs!

As always, please email me with any editing or site suggestions.

8 September 2008: "Golondrinistas de Argentina" Descend On Ithaca then Disperse

Photo courtesy of Alicia de la Colina

Amidst the post American Ornithologists' Union Meeting haze and during the International Behavioral Ecology Congress shuffle here in Ithaca, NY, we managed to gather a great crowd of "Golondrinistas" at an impromptu barbeque nearly 3 weeks ago. The Golondrinas House was bursting at the doorjamb with Argentinos who had made the 24-hr trek to attend the meeting and share new ideas. On a beautiful summer evening they joined us and fellow researchers from the U.S. and Canada for a brief connection of people from faraway places.

17 July 2008: Pictures Anyone?

Do you have pictures of swallows or anything swallow related that you would like to see on this website? If so, please email me! We'd love to spice up the website with pictures that you've taken, particularly of swallows, field sites and people in action as part of Golondrinas de las Americas. We'd also like to include photos in our new interactive map with details about each site, so feel free to send me any suggestions or additions.

3 July 2008: Golondrinas Email List

We recently created a group email list (sometimes called a listserv) that you can subscribe to to get up-to-date information and announcements.

To subscribe send an email to and write "join" in the body of the email.

To unsubscribe, write an email to the same address with "leave" in the body of the email.

Once you have joined, just address the message to, and everbody on the list will receive the message.

You can also receive a digest of the day's mailings if you do not want to receive every email when it is sent. After you have signed up to the list, send a message to with "set digest" in the body of the email.

2 July 2008: Updated Golondrinas Handbook Available

Click here to see the recently updated Golondrinas Handbook and the Handbook Supplement.